Video Introduction

Benefits to you

With many employers facing a constant battle to balance staff sickness and GP appointments with the productivity of their business, the Dr Now® platform has been built with these needs catered for. Our doctors can provide real-time data analytics to help your business team-card for the future by analysing illness and sickness trends, so you can be better prepared for situations such as the flu season gathering pace. Dr Now ® offers the reassurance of access to a qualified GP in the palm of your staff’s hands all year round, and eases pressure on existing staff and management by providing a professional service with quality medication delivered straight to your ill employees.

Dr Now ® can help your business tackle staff sickness, which has a hugely detrimental effect on companies around the world:

  • Staff sickness collectively costs UK businesses alone a staggering £29 billion a year
  • Average annual cost of £595 per absent employee
  • Two thirds of staff sickness is due to short-term illnesses (up to seven days absence) that require the primary healthcare that Dr Now ® provides

Delivery can be prescription only or users can receive medication directly to their home or workplace. This can be guaranteed next day delivery for the whole of the UK, or within a 1-4 hour slot by courier for those living or working in London. Dr Now ® can also supply remote handheld portals to use in the workplace, which can give your staff the diagnosis they need straight to the office.


  • Multi-Platform

    Available across multiple devices including the app which runs on both Apple iOS & Android running systems

  • Convenience

    Virtual professional consultation in the workplace or at home to work with your hours

  • Analysis

    Real time detailed analysis across all departments to assist with the strategic management of sickness absence

  • Flexible Solutions

    Tailor the product to suit your brand’s needs with a white label function to set up branding to suit you

  • Medication

    Get medication delivered quickly to both workplace or home to ensure speedy recovery

  • Cutting Costs

    Reduce cost incurred by staff sickness with quick diagnosis & treatment


  • Accessibility

    Patients can get access to Dr Now ® using their mobile device while on the move

  • Flexible Times

    Get in contact through Dr Now ® at more flexible hours to best suit a hectic working schedule

  • Engagement

    Increase engagement between both the employer & employee regarding sickness & absence

  • Confidentiality

    All information shared within the Dr Now ® system is secure and fully confidential

  • GP Networking

    Get a diagnosis from a fully trained doctor from a huge professional GP network

  • Medication Delivery

    If you want your medication delivered to the office due to working hours, this is not an issue

A World First

The revolutionary Dr Now ® platform is the world’s first healthcare application to offer the delivery of medicines and prescriptions to a patient’s home or office directly from a remote, mobile-based consultation.

The experienced and fully-qualified Dr Now ® medical professionals are able to use text or video-based remote appointments to offer patients a full diagnosis of their primary healthcare concerns, with the required prescriptions available for instant dispatch at the touch of a button. With several delivery options available, Dr Now ® is able to guarantee next day delivery of medicines across the United Kingdom, or within 1 to 4 hours of diagnosis for those living or working in London.

The Partnership Opportunity

Dr Now ® is a ground-breaking platform which is able to provide primary medical care to enhance a company’s current private healthcare package, as well as offering its state-of-the-art remote video consultation service as a stand-alone option to those businesses that purely require a primary care solution.

The unique and ground-breaking service that Dr Now ® offers will continue to deliver the high-quality care that private healthcare customers have become accustomed to, with the addition and integration of primary medical care consultations boosting the revenue streams of private healthcare companies in a market that experienced little growth in 2014.

Our research shows that telehealth is changing the way healthcare is delivered and consumed. It gives patients the tools to manage their health, extends services to rural areas and enables specialists to intervene in real time. There are 340 million GP appointments per year and with an estimated 75% of patients subject to waiting times of a week or longer, the market potential is significant as more patients look to new healthcare alternatives.

The telehealth market is set to experience exponential growth, predicated upon the increasing demand for remote medical care due to the strain on GP waiting times and the UK health industry. Dr Now ® will also be making the move into mental health solutions in 2015’s third quarter, as well as providing a complete health, fitness and dietary support product.

The Fine Detail

The Dr Now ® platform has been built with the customer at the forefront of our thoughts, and we have developed our technology and product using the best that the world has to offer. All our doctors are required to be UK trained with General Medical Council Registration (verified via the GMC website) and are listed on the GP specialist register. All doctors also have full membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners and are personally interviewed by clinical lead doctor, Dr Andrew Thornber.

With client satisfaction paramount, our integrated feedback forms can track the satisfaction levels of our users, ensuring that the Dr Now ® platform continuously improves whilst we monitor the quality rating of our doctors. All calls are hosted in a fully secure encrypted cloud and are kept on file for six years.

Corporate usage data on sickness levels group and department-wise can be provided to both independent companies and private healthcare organisations on a quarterly or real time basis, enabling Dr Now ® clients to identify health trends and areas where early intervention and prevention would be beneficial.

What we can and cannot treat

How can we help?

Clinical advice

Private prescriptions with the option for next day delivery or Click and Collect

Referral Letters to Specialist Consultant

Sickness Notes

What we cannot help with?

Physical examinations and treatment (although the video consultation facility does allow a GP to view any physical symptoms)

Emergency treatment e.g. chest pains, severe bleeding, suspected stroke or bone fracture

Alternative therapies, lifestyle surgeries or oral surgery

Repeat prescriptions